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We have decades of experience, in-house production tools and a network of reliable producers, enabling us to support and speed up all the phases of product development and life cycle. We want your project to get an end to end solution and attendance.

  • INJECTIONProduction line Design: End to end production line design and execution in the fields of foodtech, plastic fabrication, automated assembly, chemical processes and remotely controlled lines.

  • INJECTIONInjection Molding: Trial series to volume production in a variety of techniques done by our expert staff including standard injection molding parts, insert Molding and overmolding techniques.

  • PU-RIMReaction Injection Molding (RIM) PU-RIM: Our RIM production facility stretches our ability of elastomer and foamed materials production of regular parts, inserted parts and embedded electronic systems in protective PU and Epoxy shells. Products can range from several grams to tens of kilograms.

  • moldMolds: We provide rapid and reliable mold production service for injection and reaction molding, casting, rotational molding and vacuum forming.

  • metalworkingMetal and Plastic machining: Production of accurate CNC machined parts for small volume production and molds, electro-erosion (EDM) and grinding.

  • Encapsulation: A production line for casting and embedding electronic systems in protective Epoxy or PU resins. The PU/Epoxy encapsulation method protects systems that are intended to work in demanding environments, or systems conforming to MIL-STD specs. In many cases, encapsulation is the only way of making an electronic system vibration-proof, shock-proof, water-proof and chemically resilient.

  • Outsourced production services