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Our experienced thermodynamics team, led by Dr. Moshe Tshuva can provide you with the most reliable design, analysis and end to end solutions. We rely on vast knowledge, cutting edge analysis tools, CFD programs and data bases.

Application fields:
Electronics, Mechanical, Electro-Optics and MEMS Engineering
  • Electronic systems, boards, and components.
  • Machinery, heat exchangers and moving systems.
  • Real time, Steady state and transient phenomenon thermal analysis.
  • Combined solutions for flow, conduction, convection and radiation.
  • Design verification and improvement.
  • NDT and flaws identification and functional testing.
  • Failure analysis and reconstruction.
Military and aerospace industries
  • Real time Thermal Mapping.
  • Functional verification and testing for critical elements
  • Radiation Analysis.
  • Standards compliance verification.
  • Design verification and improvement.
  • NDT Cracks and flaws identification.
  • Failure analysis and reconstruction.
  • Surveillance and crowd control applications
Life sciences, chemistry and process industries :
  • Thermal mapping in scales varying down to microns.
  • Low energy accurate thermal mapping and measurement.
  • Reaction temperature analysis.
  • Microthermography and Spectrographic imaging.
  • Impurities,Cracks and flaws identification.
Environmental and Renewable Energy Industries
  • Energy saving
  • Solar Energy studies
  • Electrical insulation and radiation Analysis.
  • Standards compliance verification.
  • Combined thermal and mechanical design and development
  • Thermal design and solutions for packaging and localized issues
  • Design of heat exchangers and thermal energy conversion systems
  • Thermal analysis: dynamic and steady state solutions for flow, heat and mass transfer.
  • environmental exposure – analysis, design and material selection
  • failure analysis
  • Infra Red systems analysis and design
  • Testing and proving set-ups and application