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Over the years we have formulated an operational code, driven by our customers demands side and our desire to improve. These guidelines, applied methodically, help us and our customers to stay focused and get rid of improbability factors and resource losses in R&D projects. These guidelines help our customers to get the best value for a given development budget in terms of time, expenses and product value. Our customers' profitability and time keeping is the key to our survival.


Time keeping in design and production is a crucial survival factor.

Keep it simple

Analysis of necessary functions and removal of unnecessary complexities lead to better products.


Every product is tested analytically and experimentally.

Total commitment.

Every project creates a long term partnership. Our client's success, and ours, rely on total commitment to the project's success.

Durable design

makes durable products and cuts development costs in the long run.

Interdisciplinary design

delivers the best and most economical solutions.

Value engineering.

Continuous multi-disciplinary process of Value Engineering, designed to seek out optimum value for both initial and long-term investment. A creative, organized study of alternate design concepts, materials, and methods without compromising the functional and value objectives of the client at the lowest total costs over the life of the project.

Flexibility and modularity

The way to adapt, in an ever changing market, is to keep our designs open, modular and flexible for technology changes. This gives our clients a competitive edge and longer product life cycle.

Environmental awareness