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Joshua Altman
Founder and CEO

" Simplify, simplify, it will work better and look like magic"

MBA, Tel-Aviv university, B.Sc. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (CL). Accumulated experience of 40 years in developing integrated aerospace, military, medical and commercial products, foundation of R&D enterprises and large scale projects. of the tough engineering group.

Dr. Moshe Tshuva

" Most of our work is getting the physics right, afterwards it's all downhill..."

Ph.D. Eng., Tel-Aviv University, Senior Professor, Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering, Senior SIT instructor. Specialties: New products development, Fluid mechanics and heat transfer Analysis and design, inventions and IP's, 30 years of experience in R&D management.

Dr. René van Hout
Chief Analyst

" Let me sleep on it..."

Ph.D. Eng., Tel-Aviv university, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Johns Hopkins University, MSc, Eindhoven University of Technology. Specialties: Atmospheric boundary flow, Particle Image Velocimetry, Multiphase Fluid mechanics and Analysis, 20 years of experience in R&D.

Gil Artzi
Industrial & H.I. designer

A graduate of "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design". Gil is a visual and product designer, specializing in human-machine interface. He has decades of creation of visual works: websites, corporate ID and branding, concept and product design, UX+UI+HI, interactive presentations, theatre and TV set design and graphics, exhibitions and Marketing material production. Gil has numerous successful projects for the medical, surveillance and robotics industries. Gil is an active artist in the fields of sculpture, drawing, photography and computerized art.

Yehuda Bachar
Medical devices

Creative technology leader with 20 year of experience in executive R&D positions and product development from conceptual through detailed design to final production of multidisciplinary systems in the medical device industries.

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    1 Shenkar st. Herzliya, Israel, 4672501

    Phone: +972(3)_6442345

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    We’re always looking for talented persons to join our team.

    Email: inquire@4id.co.il